New blog!

6 Oct

Since I ran out of oploading space, here’s my new blog:

As you can see, the link is in Dutch, because from now on I will write (more) in Dutch…


See you on my new blog!





6 Oct

Blouse vintage, skirt Zara

I bought a black cap at H&M, and put the rhinestones on it. This is the result.


5 Oct

Legging H&M, top Primark

My pyjama pants

4 Oct


Pyjama pants and jacket vintage, blouse Vero Moda.

My vintage pyjama pants! It feels so soft, I love it:)


3 Oct






I saw this DIY a while ago on Pinterest. I looks so cool! And it’s really easy: just take plastic beads, cut them open on one side and place them on the wire.

Me and my bun…

2 Oct

…bring all the fun!

Vintage stuff

1 Oct








Everything I bought on the vintage/second market in Amsterdam.